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#2 "LIBERTY! FRATERNITY! (Cherry, Harry, Beaky, Mitch & Titch)

CHAPTER 1: 11am (On Slacks, Psycho-Geography and Sex) The fetid, decaying stench of love that he sported so unwittingly but which could never evade the psychic nose of womanhood, ensnared him. True love wouldn’t remain elusive for very much longer. She was out there. He would find her. His time would come and it would come soon. He could sense it. He checked the mirror…. Fuck ‘sense it’! You could fuckin’ SEE IT! Oh yes… he knew it, and they did too. And if there was any doubt left in their pretty little minds, there was always the badge. The badge said it all. Correction; the badge was all. His world view, his belief system, his heart, mind and soul. All hopes, dreams, passions, fears… Everything he knew to be true – the one truth, the only truth – hung there weightless on a two and a half inch bit of tin. Its Zen-like simplicity and beauty reminded of nothing less than his very essence, captured and woven into a silken tapestry of Haiku: “SHAKIN’ STEVENS & THE SUNSETS – HETEROS
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#2.1 " An introduction to #2... aka 'Keep Up'

Now then.… I've been writing my 'book' for well over a decade and a half now... or, truth be known, I know the set-up and lay out and over-arching 'story' but everything else is strewn over shit loads over notebooks, scraps of paper, blah blah blah.... I just need to pull all the various bits into a coherent whole and I HOPE this blog'll give me the necessary kick up the arse to do that.... So then..... Here's the disclaimer which'll be hastily followed by the publication of the 1st Chapter. After that, let's see.... Dazzler xxx DISCLAIMER CAUTION! THIS INDIGENOUS URBAN FOLKTALE CONTAINS EXTREMELY COARSE LANGUAGE & SERIOUSLY CRUDE RIBALDRY FROM THE OUTSET.  READERS ARE ADVISED TO GET A FUCKIN' GRIP ​

#1 Behind The Green Door

BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR... I have an overwhelming passion for American Rock n Roll and Rockabilly, yet remain dismissive & disparaging towards British Rock n Roll. In fact, I’ve often, unashamedly, declared that there's actually “no such thing as British Rock n Roll”; allow me to illustrate, expand and explain…. In the late 70s / early 80s there was something of a Rockabilly/50s R&R revival on both sides of the Atlantic, and  in 1981 both the U.S and U.K’s (arguably) leading exponents of the genre chose to release cover versions of Green Door; 2 Green Doors but also 2 horses of VERY different colours..... In America, The Cramps used their version of Green Door to perfectly close their monumental 2nd album, Psychedelic Jungle; one of the greatest, most important & influential cultural & artistic gifts ever bestowed upon undeserving humankind. Indebted to Jim Lowe's original version, The Cramps lovingly exude a dark, brooding menace, and with its inherent hi